Why the peppers?

In the middle of last year, our school received an invitation to participate in the European project "SaLL", aiming to connect schools as living laboratories with local communities. Our team decided to investigate the possibility of growing chili peppers in the region of Eastern Serbia. We were surprised to find out about large variation of their use.

Apart from the fact that peppers represent a great challenge for brave chili lovers, growing number of researchers indicates that the capsaicin obtained through its extracting from chilies can be used as an excellent biopesticide. It represents an excellent replacement for the pesticides used until now, because it does not pose a danger to the environment. That's how the idea of ​​starting the company "ZaČili" was born. It will improve the production of organic food in an innovative and above all, natural way.

Meet Our Team

Mia Milosavljević

Founder & CEO

Jovan Buzadžin


Marija Stojanović

Sales Manager

Pavle Vasilijević

Organic Production Manager

Anđela Milosavljević

Marketing Manager
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